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@tabithalou: This what they not showing you on the media. These young men cleaning up after the riot. #Ferguson

This also is hugely important. There’s a fixation in stories. A general pessimism about the human race. But I think there’s plenty of evidence for our giving nature. That bad, bad horrible things happen and there’s ALWAYS people willing to stand up and make things better. Across generations and cultures and nations. No matter how bad things get, there’s never not somebody looking out for their kids, their neighbors, their community. And that kind of solidarity pushes us through.

Even if it’s something as simple and seemingly small as picking up the trash after a major confrontation. That too is important.





Help the fight against police brutality!

You should definitely do this, but please be safe and knowledgeable about it! Here are some resources for how to safely film/photograph police brutality, as well as information on YOUR rights as you do so:

Please be aware that different states have different laws on the matter.  Check into them so you can know you specific laws, and what to expect if you film the police.  Also check with your state’s chapter of the ACLU; many of them have tips on this matter, and some have pocket foldouts of your rights that you can use to convince the police that no, you aren’t doing anything wrong.

Stay woke.


Sorry if this doesn’t fit my blog, but what is happening in Ferguson, Missouri is no laughing matter. Our first amendment rights to free speech and peaceful assembly are being thrown out the window. Our police force is becoming increasingly militaristic and it is time that we assert ourselves as American citizens, we are NOT animals to be corralled through excessive force, we will NOT stand idly by as our basic human rights are violated, we will NOT let the police prevent journalists from keeping us informed. We demand JUSTICE for those murdered and injured through police brutality.

Write your representative

Write to President Obama

Raise awareness on social media #Ferguson

Enough is enough.

If it wasn’t for social media.


I wouldn’t know anything about what’s going on around me. You know what I see on my news stations? The weather, what latest baseball game is going on & gas prices. I literally see nothing about what’s actually going on. Like I am actually flabbergasted at some of the things I’ve read and watched. This is crazy, heartbreaking & overwhelming.

The fact that so many people can look at this post and agree is scary. We can’t even use our own news stations to stay updated on news happening in our country.




African Americans are being murdered in cold blood by the Ferguson regime. There is a media blackout to prevent evidence aginst the state for committing human rights violations #UnitedNations #OpFerguson #revolution #RBG #Revot #injustice #USA #AMERICA #NRA #WARCRIMES #TERRORISM

Here’s another link detailing this shooting: Howard Alum Was Shot In The Head In Ferguson, Conflicting Reports On What Took Place [Photo][Video]



Yup I’m going to keep posting all this crime against our people! 

WHAT THE FUCK??????????????



#FERGUSON protestor returns tear gas canister back to sender…

This is Amerikkka 2014


pro-life advocates: *verbally harasses abortion patients and pickets outside of clinics, compromising the safety and privacy of the patients*
westboro baptist church: *holds up picket signs that say how jewish, muslim, and gay people are going to hell and that god hates them personally*
ferguson protesters: *protests peacefully over the murder of an unarmed black teenager*
police: what the fUCK this is horrendous and completely out of order call in all units